Ruritan Members Clubs General Liability Insurance Coverage


General Liability coverage is provided to Ruritan Member Clubs through Philadelphia Insurance Company. The policy is intended to cover normal club activities/events such as meetings, community service and fundraising activities including concession stands, food sales, etc.

The Following Activities and Events are EXCLUDED:

These activities/events may be able to be added back by endorsement, however they would be subject to underwriter consideration and approval.   Please note that there may be a charge associated by adding this event.   A Special Event application must be completed for these activities/events.   If Liquor Liability is being requested, a separate Liquor Liability must be completed.


Please complete the Certificate Request from provided & return according to the instructions provided.   If someone is requesting to be named as Additional Insured, please provide a copy of the contract specifying this requirement.  Please allow 7 business days for preparation of a certificate.


For all clubs who own or lease a building and/or land – this policy does not provide coverage for building or premises liability.

Download the request at: Request for Insurance Certificate (Right click to open the pdf in a browser).